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Women of color

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When focusing on how to overcome gender inequality and the biases that women face in the workplace, intersectionality can play an important but Womsn overlooked role.

Minda Harts decided to examine these barriers in her upcoming book The Memo. Janice Gassam: What sparked your desire to write this book?

Minda Harts: This Clare MI cheating wives not okay.

There are a lot of career books that have been written…as women of color we are Women of color the asterisk to a conversation. The Memo is a much-needed career advice guide for women of color specifically, finally ending the one-size-fits-all approach of business books that lump together women across races and overlook the unique barriers to success for Woemn of color.

Women of color Is there anything interesting you learned coloe writing this book? Did anything shock you? I was shocked to find out that…there were other women that were going through some of the things that I experienced in the workplace.

What message s would you like readers co,or come away with after reading your book? Hart s: There are some tangible tools that will resonate with all women.

What are some ways that companies can be more inclusive to women of color? Do you have any advice for women of color who are navigating their careers?

Women of color wish I had The Memo. I wish I knew that there was a community of other black and brown women that were rooting for me, that we're fighting for me to have a seat at if table. Knowing when that expiration date has taken place and moving forward.

Minda, who is a professor, CEO and podcast host, Women of color down to discuss why "leaning in" has not worked for women of color and why her new book is required reading for both women of color and organizational coor. I grew up in five different states and across two continents, which was the catalyst to my interest in diversity.

My ultimate goal is to help leaders infuse more love in Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Hachette Book Group. Janice Gassam Contributor.

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