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Wife want real sex Derma

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First of all, I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles. I like your sense of humour, and I think this is definitely an effective way to break the taboo in a sensitive subject of sex. I think my wife is satisfied in the bedroom, but I find sex in recent months very mundane.

Is penis pearling worth it - Putting Dr G On The Spot | The Star Online

I confess I do not enjoy sex like how it used to be. I genuinely think I can do better to satisfy my wife more!

My friend recommended that I see a practitioner, who promised me one way of improving my sex life is to do the pearling procedure. My friend told me that with the procedure, it transformed his life completely. I am tempted to try but somewhat apprehensive.

I Look For Sexy Chat Wife want real sex Derma

Pearling is also known as genital beading. This is a form of body modification that dates back to Chinese text in the s. Interestingly, the practice was brought to Deema from South-East Asia, especially from certain parts of Myanmar and the Philippines.

Perhaps the best-known historical use of pearling is by the yakuza in Japan. According to documents, members of the syndicates will have pearls implanted into the penis, symbolising number of years spent in prison.

It makes you wonder the available rooms for wnt in young man serving long sentences. In a medical viewpoint, the beads or implants are inserted in the sub-dermal space, just under the penile skin.

The procedure is relatively straightforward, hence, some men even contemplating doing this themselves. Immediately following the insertion, inflammation around the Wife want real sex Derma body is common during healing.

I Am Wanting Dick Wife want real sex Derma

Rejection may Dermz, however, this is exceedingly rare. Prior to "modern" materials being used as implants, there has been a long history of using natural pearls for genital beadings. These days, various materials have been utilised, including silicone, Need an expert pussy eater, titanium Wife want real sex Derma even stainless steel.

Technically, the purpose of pearling is to enhance sexual pleasure for partners. The enhanced extra friction to the vagina clitoris or anus is believed to heighten sexual sensation. I often wonder why?

With the recent rise in the incidence of pearling, more complications of penile pearling have been reported. These may include infections, bleeding and scarring of the penis, resulting in pain and even erectile dysfunction.

When Dr G is put on the spot for his opinion about penile pearling, his view is that certain things are better left unaltered as nature intended, especially Wife want real sex Derma the manhood.

When a man is contemplating risking his genitalia for that extra height of pleasure, is he willing to risk losing it all if things go wrong? Putting Dr G on the spotDr Gpenis pearlingpearlsbody modification.

You can send him questions at askdrg thestar. Is penis pearling worth it. I am 26 years old and someone who is adventurous in sexual practices.

I have been married for two years and our sex life has been great. Sorry to put Dr G on the spot, but can you elaborate more about pearling?

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Will it really improve my sex life? Is there any danger in the procedure? Is the procedure reversible?

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Cannot wait to hear your opinion. Related News.

Across The Star Online.