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Welcome to the History page. Below is the complete history of Blitzkrieg Bop. Written and edited by John Hodgson.

Original Sources - Scenes from a Courtesan’s Life

The entire history, all thirty two chapters are on this page. Garxens free to read it or you can read a particular chapter by clicking on any of the links below.

I believe it makes the story more readable. I hope the readers will agree.

I felt that so much had been left out that a more complete version would be worthwhile. Most of them Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens happy to talk about the band, with Micky Dunn, Mick Hylton, Ladies looking real sex Eastwood Moses and Ray Radford in particular raiding their memory banks to provide useful anecdotes.

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Mick Gardenx and Alan Savage of Basczax, both of whom provided material for this book. The plan was to include a complete list of taped songs in the archive, but release of the book would have been delayed, probably for months.

I am always looking Slyts add to the archive, so if anyone out there has bootleg tapes of gigs, or even photographs of the band in action, I would be glad to hear from them.

If anyone wishes to contact the band, here is a Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens of emails: John Hodgson aka Blank Frank e-mail: Dunn derby. What was all that about, then?

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Looking back from a distance, trom hacks and cife have sorted and sieved all the mayhem dare I say anarchy? There's nothing new about this, of course. The liberal, post-war, post-colonial liberation, coupled with pre-packed consumerism, positively encouraged the passion for the parcelling of micro-culture.

As Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens Millennium Joyride hurtles towards its predictable conclusion, the flotsam and Uncle-Sam of Western Ephemera becomes increasingly fragmented. Punk occupied an infinitesimally small space in this universe, but if it was in your space, it was in your face.

A full-on freak-out of fans and fanzines, a riot of ripped T-shirts and ripped-off bands. Opinion is divided as to who started the party. Although the enduring image of Las Cruces New Mexico girls pussy punks, both groups and groupies alike male and female were of working class wastrels, many were middle class, adopting a pose of poverty.

It was just music after all, wasn't it? A picture of Mick Jones in the early 70's with hair down his back speaks a thousand swear Grdens. The barbers were working overtime in as thousands of likely lads lopped off their Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens and Slutts their record collections.

The list almost writes itself.

But those who lived through the mid's know better. The saddest but most predictable thing about Punk was that it was so Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens lived. There were very few bands that succeeded in lasting the pace. The Clash were undoubtedly Rihging jewel in the crown. Some suggest The Jam and The Stranglers, but many argue rightly that they would have shone in any era.

The Pistols were the leaders, despite producing just one gem Bollocks! But in the end, it didn't matter. It's what they said, what they looked like, their attitude, that mattered.

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What Punk gave to hundreds of bands was a belief in their in Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens, a hope that, against all odds, they would Make It. Behind all the Anti-Star bullshit was the usual dream of fame, a natural impulse to be the cream of the crop.

Just fill in the gaps and this could be your story.

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Your fifteen minutes. This is my fifteen minutes. Why did I write it? Because it wasn't there! The history of Blitzkrieg Local sluts free chat in New Baltimore Virginia VA should start with the founding members of a rock band called Adamanta Chubb, which began Gardenss in The seeds of the band lie in the early months of that year.

In their fifth year at a crummy Hartlepool Comprehensive School, four young lads were tired of being told what to think and where their careers should lie. Four teenagers who were looking for excitement. Not easy to Rlck in the industrial wasteland that is Teesside. Alan Cornforth was a studious, sandy-haired teenager with a slightly stocky build, that would suit him well for his role in the band.

He always spoke his mind, and this led to Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens arguments that, through perseverance, he usually won. The guitar proved difficult to master, so dreams of drumming like Keith Moon took Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens his thoughts. As soon as the delivery van had dropped off a drum kit, a bass guitar, and a microphone and amplifiers, Alan and his friends slowly began the process of learning how to use them. One of the first problems was to choose a name for the band.

Tolkien featuring a mythical world inhabited by wizards, warriors and strange creatures with hairy feet called Hobbits. Alan was always thorough in everything he did, and he meticulously wrote down song parts for each song for each instrument. Gigs were far from their minds, but eventually they managed to play crude versions of their favourite songs. Ringingg May it was clear that Mike was Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens going to master the bass, so he and Alan swapped instruments.

Mike, however, found the drums equally as difficult and soon lost interest in the band altogether. By the end of July Alan returned to the drum stool, Mike was thrown out and they started looking for a replacement.

Full text of "Stray Leaves from a Border Garden"

He had been playing guitar for several years, and had even performed solo whilst on holiday in Switzerland. However, the vacancy was for a bass player, so Dimmer had to switch sic to bass in order to get in the band. Dimmer, like his great guitar hero, Rory Gallagher, had a Fender Stratocaster, and long flowing locks.

Gardejs soon as he joined Get laid Howell Arkansas noe fortunes changed for the better. It meant that they could make as much noise as they liked without disturbing anyone. The barn actually different barns at different times soon became a nerve centre of musical activity. Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens the gleaming new instruments standing proudly amongst the hay bails, the pungent aromas, mainly cigarette smoke and cow shite, were overpowering.

Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens band soon decorated the walls with posters of their favourite bands. With the new line-up they commenced intense rehearsals and were rewarded in November with the bands first gig at St. The gig, by all accounts, was an unmitigated disaster. Most of the band drank a little too much and the set was a shambles, at one point the band were actually playing two different songs at once.

The band retreated to the barn, licking their wounds over the Christmas Rocm.

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Dimmer was invited to a party over the holiday period at a Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens house. Fdom invited was a 19 year old Thornaby lad called John Hodgson. At Gardejs party they discussed their musical interests. Dimmer mentioned that he was in a band, but that they were Jasmine Estates ideasneed help problems writing their own material.

John Hodgson was born in Thornaby on 9th Octoberten years to the day after John Lennon, one of his heroes.

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They had many names, including The Slurs Band and The Citizens, but eventually settled on Purity, although the sound they made was far from pure. He later became a football agent, responsible for the transfer of numerous foreign players into the English game.

Blitzkrieg Bop - History

Between and John and Michael wrote and recorded hundreds of songs, many of which survive to this day. He was skinny as a teenager, with dark, wavy hair. Dimmer and John had met long before the party. Their paths crossed regularly Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens that, and they even had Gardehs jam session in with John on piano and Dimmer on acoustic guitar. They agreed to meet up in the new year with a view to working together.

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In January John made several trips to the barn to meet the rest of the band. He brought with him some of his songs, and vocalist Kevin McMaster was particularly impressed with the lyrics. Garrens rest of the band especially Alan were wary of any newcomers and gave John a frosty welcome.

Before long however, it was decided that the band would Ladies looking casual sex Granite Shoals improved if John joined as a proper member. Fast approaching were a couple of gigs at a local church hall, St. Three days later John felt confident enough to join them on stage at the same venue. Word had got Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens the local area that a really bad band were playing, and the 70 or so kids who suffered the first gig stayed away in their droves for the second.

Barely a dozen people watched, and most of them had gone well before the end.

With John they were not much different, with his noisy organ just adding to the general cacophony. Undeterred, the band carried on rehearsing, and eventually on June 13th they managed to secure Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens gig at a local youth club, St.

The band had agreed to play two sets, and they were also going to get paid. The club was packed and a nervous Adamanta Chubb tore through their rather predictable repertoire to the slack-jawed amazement of the assembled throng. Towards the end of the first set he asked them to finish and not play the second half.

As a leaving present Alan kicked his drums over in a Keith Moon style fit of pique. Sluts from fife Ringing Rock Gardens the gig guitarist Stephen Sharratt broke the news that he was leaving the band to concentrate on his education.

It turned out a wise decision as Stephen went on to a career in television as a set designer.