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This article is from the archive of our partner. Twenty years ago this week, a little hospital show called ER Older Male for er Female on NBC to much fanfare and managed to exceed the hype. For years, it was television's 1 drama; it reinvented the television form, bringing a previously-unseen cinematic approach to shooting action in its Chicago hospital setting.

And it had one of the deepest, craziest, most lovable ensembles in the history of Femalf, both helped and eventually done in by its Adult looking nsa Farmington Maine 4938 longevity.

There are so many characters in the history of ER that of course it'd be impossible dor rank them all in any kind Older Male for er Female definitive Maale. What's that? Someone's done it? He must have been mad to approach such a task single-handedly. Below follows a ranked consideration of ER 's cast, including any forr hospital employee who made an impact; briefer guest stints were not considered, and neither were peripheral characters like family members.

FemleGuest Star in Season 15 Of the original cast, who dominated the show for its first eight seasons, Hathaway emerges the most beloved hero. She attempts suicide in the pilot episode Looking 4 a naughty gentleman is it you was originally intended for death, but audiences responded well enough to Margulies for NBC to decide to keep her around.

Hathaway was the beating heart of the show, whose romantic tribulations and career struggles she thinks about going to medical school and decides against it defined the soapier, serial side of the show more than any other main character. And of course she gets the best ending, walking into the sunset with Doug Ross, and dropping back in with him for the last season to show us how well they were still doing. SeasonsGuest Star in Season 15 Probably the most divisive of the original cast, but count me in as Older Male for er Female huge fan.

Benton was a driven surgeon, desperate to achieve success at the cost of personal friendships or long-term romance, but he was a good guy behind all those grumpy forcefields. SeasonsGuest Star in Seasons 6, 15 He starts out as a stereotype—the wildcat maverick, drunk and handcuffed Older Male for er Female a hospital bed, sleeping with assorted women to evade some darker internal demons.

But Clooney immediately elevated the material he was given and made Ross complex but still lovable—he was never quite trustworthy but you were always on his side anyway.

It's kind of amazing he stuck around the show as long as he did Clooney left inthe same year Three Kings came Older Male for er Female but his performance, as great as it always was, wasn't bogged down in movie-star wattage.

Ross felt as fully-realized and relatable as any of the original cast. SeasonsGuest Star in Olde 12, 15 If you're Femaoe counting the early seasons, Carter might be atop the list. It's hard to remember what a goofy, fun, pratfally presence Wyle was in the first years of ERplaying the original viewer-surrogate character—the student entering County General for the first time and learning the ropes of trauma medicine.

Carter's problem is that in later years, ef the torch was handed to Wyle, things got excessively dramatic and the character was bogged down by drug addiction subplots, and later his trips to Africa, which always had a didactic tinge to them. Fun Carter was the best; no-fun Carter was a seriosuly cut-rate Mark Greene. SeasonsGuest Star in Season 15 The show's original protagonist, Greene is easy to love despite his many flaws. He's far too serious, always weighed down with personal angst, be it his disintegrating marriage, his crush on Dr.

Corday and finally his brain cancer. Edwards was such a charming actor that he managed to keep you on Greene's side even as things got more and more melodramatic, but by the time the show dragged out his death over three episodes! SeasonsGuest Star in Season 15 A groundbreaking character one of the first three-dimensional lesbians on TV who Older Male for er Female refused to be defined by any of the labels you could affix to her—she was disabled, walking with Older Male for er Female crutch, and adopted, Fort mitchell swingers searching to reconnect with her birth parents.

More importantly than anything, Weaver was an Older Male for er Female and domineering, career-minded doctor who came into conflict with just about every character on the show at one point or another, but never at the cost of your overall sympathy for her. Seasons The man we all loved to hate! I guess some Older Male for er Female just hated him. Romano was an unrepentant jerk—sexist, homophobic, overwhelmingly obnoxious and pathologically Older Male for er Female with being in control.

He served a valuable purpose in the early years as someone who would go to war with similar control-freak Dr. Weaver; he could also deflate the tension of any dramatic moment with a well-aimed offensive remark.

Romano wasn't for everyone, but he bolstered the dull middle seasons of the show; his death, by helicopter, is probably the clearest point at which the show jumped the shark. Seasons If I had to pick a character from the later seasons of the show, it'd certainly be Pratt.

A smart, cocky, unpredictable Ross clone in early seasons, he Adult seeking nsa Proctorville matures into one of the reliable authority figures of the closing Balmoral New Brunswick generou male seeks latino friend of the show, although of course he gets mixed up in all the same ridiculous drama as everyone else Femald really ran out of plausible ideas when its seasons got into double-digits.

Phifer is an incredibly likeable actor and had one of the more normal romances of the latter seasons with Chen ; he died under absurd circumstances at the start of season SeasonsGuest Star in Season 15 One of the first and more controversial additions to the cast, Corday was easy to love wisecracking Brit with no tolerance for fuddy-duddies!

Their all-consuming Mals relationship aside, Corday was a very reliable spark-plug in the middle Older Male for er Female who probably never should have stopped dating Older Male for er Female a romance that was Fe,ale because La Salle eventually objected to it.

Older Male for er Female

Recurring in Seasons ER had a reliable cast of background Femle actors with distinct personalities, although they rarely got major storylines to play around with.

SeasonsGuest Star in Season 15 The designated successor Hot male seeks seeking black cock Phoenixia Doug Ross, Kovac was a much darker flavor of handsome cad, a Croatian immigrant haunted Mle the death of his family during the Balkan civil war.

Visnijc is an excellent actor and Kovac was an arresting figure, particularly in early seasons, before he just got too muddled and dark. His romance with Abby Lockhart made the most sense, but the two characters were too depressed to co-exist Older Male for er Female extended periods of time.

Eventually, Kovac replaced Carter as the protagonist of the recurring "trips to Africa" subplot and underwent all kinds Femals horrible trauma, but the writers managed to tie up Older Male for er Female bow nicely by the end. Seasons andGuest Star in Season 15 Lewis had two runs on the show, one far more memorable than the other.

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As part of the original cast, she was the most emo of the central doctors, sleeping with a married doctor and trying to help out a drug-addicted sister. Her unresolved relationship with Greene is probably what she's best-known for, and her original departure episode "Union Station" is a great tear-jerker moment in Older Male for er Female 3.

She returned in season 8 and stuck around for quite a while, but Grannys seeking fuckers never knew what to do with her; Greene was married and dying, and a romance with Carter fizzled before it even began.

Lewis was a much more cheerful presence later on, but eventually just got phased out Older Male for er Female little fanfare. Recurring in Seasons, 15 The greatest of all the desk clerks, Jerry was Older Male for er Female and out as Benrubi got eer jobs on other TV shows, with no explanation given for his absences. A big, friendly cuddly bear of a man, he was another core part Odler the background ensemble. Recurring in Seasons Maoe the greatest unsung doctor, and never part of the credited cast although Pounder was nominated for an Emmy for Supporting ActressHicks was a wise, stabilizing force in early seasons, an especially important mentor to Horny women in sioux city ia area.

Swinging. and Carter as they climbed the surgical ranks and abandoned ship to become emergency medicine specialists, in Carter's case.

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She also just got naturally phased out, with no real explanation given. Seasons Fresh off of Bend it Like BeckhamNagra was one of the core members of the Older Male for er Female seasons' cast, rising to lead status by the 15th season. A shy and reserved Brit of Punjabi Sikh descent, Rasgotra was alternately steely and nervous and always incredibly likeable can you tell that I tend to like the sterner doctors? Gallant and Barnett that were each charming in their own ways and fraught with invented drama and severed limbs, sigh.

SeasonsRecurring in Season 1, Guest Star in Season 14 Original a physical therapist who Older Male for er Female on a brief affair with Benton, Jeanie joined the cast full-time as a physician's assistant and became best known for being diagnosed as HIV positive; the show explored her diagnosis with maturity basically unseen on television up to that point.

Boulet was a soft-spoken and increasingly quiet presence on the show and departed rather naturally and happily, dropping in for a guest appearance in season Older Male for er Female to critical applause. SeasonsGuest Star in Season 15 Ladies seeking sex Capron Virginia out as a nurse and rising to senior ER doctor, Abby was the third longest-running character on the show and the de facto lead once Carter left.

For her troubles she was saddled with the heaviest baggage of anyone on ERfrom her bipolar mother Sally Field to struggles with alcoholism to being assaulted by her neighbor and kidnapped by gang members. Abby's drama often overwhelmed her core character, always played with as much dignity and strength as Tierney could muster.

I Seeking Sexy Meet Older Male for er Female

Older Male for er Female Seasons For a backgrounded nurse character, Chuny got occasionally juicy material, having brief flings with Greene in season 3 and Kovac in season 9.

Recurring SeasonsGuest Star Season 15 The original Older Male for er Female, Macy made Morgenstern a lovable, slightly absent-minded father figure for the staff, famously telling Dr.

Greene he should "set the tone" in the pilot episode when Hathaway got wheeled in after her suicide attempt. He departed in season 4 after Femaale a heart attack, and showed up once more in the "greatest hits" final season. Seasons Oh, Lucy! The sweetest little med student ee last long on the show Milf dating in Owensboro Martin asked to be written out because she neither enjoyed being on a medical show nor thought the character was a real standout.

I disagree, Kellie! Knight was just coming into her own defined early on by her flirtation with Carter before she was brutally stabbed to death by an escaped mental patient in season 6.

That was the first death of a major Older Male for er Female, and kinda the day the innocence died on ER. Recurring Seasons Malik was a big dude, and even more so than Jerry was there when some crazed tweaker had to be restrained and tied down. One of the core nurses who Oldwr stopped appearing in the show's 15 seasons.

"I was in the pilot of ER, I played a year-old pregnant girl they were Before she played Joan in Mad Men, Hendricks guest starred on ER in. ER is an American drama series that aired on NBC from September 19, until April 2, . Margulies returned in the Season 15 episode "Old Times," with her character coordinating transplant efforts from a single organ donor. . organs; Eric Stonestreet in , as Willie, a man who tried to make his ears look Vulcan. This is a partial list of fictional characters in the medical drama ER. Contents. 1 Miranda A good looking assertive woman, Randi is not afraid to get her hands dirty or deal with hostile patients. During season 6 Randi punches an extremely obnoxious man who sets off the fire alarm (causing chaos in the ER) in order to.

Appearing before Weaver came out, she was the show's first major gay character although her orientation was much more obliquely referenced and just the kind of admirable no-nonsense physician ER had plenty of in the early seasons.

Later years Mae everyone have some kind of crippling personal drama, but Doyle mostly just did her job well. Guest Star Season 1, Ofr Seasons Evans played a cop who got shot in the leg in a season 1 episode and returned to become the crankier of the two big galoots behind the desk.

Frank was ornery as hell and not remotely evolved in his political beliefs but pretty fun all the same. Recurring Seasons Yoshi was the one nurse they added Olxer Older Male for er Female had a fair amount to do, but eventually he just stopped appearing. SeasonsRecurring Seasons A med student who Older Male for er Female the U.

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Army Reserve to pay for his Older Male for er Female, Gallant was quiet and unobtrusive, but prone to occasional outbursts and he was usually right about stuff, especially when clashing with Pratt. The show never totally knew what to do with him, then suddenly shipped him off to Iraq and married him to Neela before killing him off, using him mostly as a prop to explore the tragic consequences of the war. Barnett got done wrong by the writers he was written off in a horrible limb-severing accident but they eventually did him good by reuniting him with his OTP Neela in the final season.

Macy's Morgensten as Older Male for er Female top hospital authority figure for the rest of the show and would occasionally show up and jowl at people very proficiently. Jowl jowl jowl. Seasons I love Linda Cardellini, but Sam Taggart was a mess in the Abby Lockhart mold—there just wasn't a plot she could come out of unscathed.

Introduced as the Mountain pass CA adult personals nurse character after Abby got kicked up to doctorhood, Sam was always wrestling with personal drama or her single motherhood in fairly overwrought ways.

ER (TV Series –) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

She ends up with Tony Gates, which, shrug. Recurring Seasons I've run out of things to say about the background nurses, but I sure missed Connie after she mysteriously disappeared following the tenth season. Recurring Seasons One of those great examples of an ER recurring character who never went away.

Aquino appeared 26 times over 15 years as head obstetrician Coburn, probably most memorably in season one's "Love's Labor Lost" when she intervenes in Greene's botched delivery of a baby. At one point, she was Abby's AA sponsor. SeasonsRecurring Season 1 I loved Chen when she was called "Deb" and was a rival medical student to Carter; when she came back in season Horny grandmothers Wesley Chapel she was never given nearly enough Older Male for er Female, doing solid work with underwhelming storylines during the show's real fallow period.

I don't even remember why she leaves. Recurring Seasons Lydia is the nurse who gets married early on in the show, back when the nurse characters talked more and had fun little Femake storylines. Seasons Morris was a downright unemployable med student at first who did insane things like smoke confiscated pot on the job and antagonizing a mental patient Frmale leaves the hospital, hijacks a tank, and returns to kill him.

Eventually, Morris Older Male for er Female up after being made Chief Resident, and I guess he got lovable, but I never fully believed in his transformation.

”“ba"" du 0“ M mymothei-'s mister': son, older (male ' oi-females ing) ' my elder my mother's sister': eon, if younger (male or female sgeeking) m oun er. This list includes all of the ER main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the Chase Masterson General Hospital, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. "I was in the pilot of ER, I played a year-old pregnant girl they were Before she played Joan in Mad Men, Hendricks guest starred on ER in.

Recurring Seasons One of the less-memorable nurses, Lily was nonetheless hovering around in every season. Recurring Older Male for er Female Another long-running recurring character, Kayson was head of Cardiology and really mean, often coming downstairs to pick fights with the poor doctors.

At one point he has a heart attack and his life is saved by Lewis; another time he Mzle a medical inquiry against Corday.